Code of Conduct Complaint Form

If you don't wish to send an electronic complaint you can print the following and send to WASPA via fax: 086.606.2016

Please ensure that:


Complainant's details:

Full Name:
Cellular Number:
Alternate Contact Number:
Email Address:
WASPA will only use your e-mail address for communications relating to this complaint. Your address will not be shared with anyone else, except in process of resolving this complaint.
Physical Address:
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Affliations (please tick one):
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Details of Complaint

Name of the service provider
(if known):
WASPA can only process complaints lodged against members of WASPA. You can find a complete list of WASPA members here
Other Identifying Information:
Section of the Code of Conduct breached:
If you are able to identify the section of the WASPA Code of Conduct that you believe has been breached by the service provider, this will greatly facilitate the handling of your complaint.

You can find a copy of the WASPA Code of Conduct here.

Detailed Description of the Complaint:
Very important: if your complaint involves a service provided to a specific mobile phone, you must include the phone number of that phone in your complaint.

Please provide us with as much information about your complaint as possible in this section. This should include relevant dates wherever possible.

If you are complaining about a print, radio or television advertisement, please include the date of publication, or the date and time of broadcast. Without this information, WASPA may not be able to process your complaint. Advertising complaints not accompanied by a copy of the advert may be dismissed by the adjudicator who reviews the complaint.

If you wish to send additional supporting documents to WASPA to support your complaint please send them to the following email address after you have submitted your complaint, or reply to the confirmation email with the appropriate documents:

Please Tick, as appropriate:
I have already contacted the service provider concerned regarding this complaint, but the service provider has not resolved the complaint to my satisfaction.
I am unable to determine who the service provider is
I have not contacted the service provider concerned because I believe that this complaint cannot be resolved by the service provider, and instead needs WASPA's attention.

Declaration by Complainant
I hereby declare that the information provided above is to my knowledge true and correct, and that I am submitting this complaint in good faith.

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